Transcend Nitrile Exam Gloves (Case of 10 boxes, 300 count per box, 250 XL)

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Cranberry's Transcend Nitrile Accelerator-Free gloves are free of powder and natural rubber latex, minimizing the risk of Type I Hypersensitivity. Plus, the latest Low Derma Technology significantly reduce the risk of Type IV Hypersensitivity. This unique formulation also provides stronger durability than traditionally manufactured nitrile glove material. 



Glove users may be aware of Type I Hypersensitivity that is caused by protein found in natural rubber latex. Since most glove users have switched from latex gloves to nitrile gloves, Type I Hypersensitivity incidence is on the decline. However, some nitrile users are still experiencing allergy reactions. These reactions are mostly associated with the accelerator chemicals. The sulfur-based chemical accelerators commonly used in the glove manufacturing process of nitrile and other non-latex gloves can cause type IV Hypersensitivity.

Type IV Hypersensitivity, known as Allergic Contact Dermatitis or Chemical Allergy,  is a cell-mediated reaction that potentially causes skin inflammatory responses by derma contact presented during manufacturing process. Symptoms may include red rash, small blisters and swelling or clustered vesicles that often elicit pain when scratched.

In response to the growing interest in allergic contact dermatitis, the latest Patented Low Derma Technology is the solution to protect the glove users from skin induced allergies. With low dermatitis potential that is the first FDA approval granted in the dental industry, this type of nitrile gloves are specifically engineered as accelerator-free with innovative manufacturing approaches that reduces the potential of Type IV Hypersensitivity.